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Community Vs Individual

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While reading the book entitled “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, an inspirational thought grabbed hold of me, a realization that God, in his infinite creative being, revealed just how intricate are the pieces, yet simple the whole.   The Bible, time and again tells us that we as individuals, to stay alive, must be part of the tree, for separated will eventually whither and die.  We must be part of a community, each with an individual purpose, serving our part of the whole. Helping each other, sharing, caring, growing, together as a community.

 We as individuals are also made up of a bustling community of over 50 trillion individual cells, individual intelligent beings that can survive outside our body on their own, but imbued with intent and purpose, actively seeking an environment that will support their survival, while at the same time, avoiding toxic or hostile ones.

If you were to look at our world as a planet, it too is made up of  individuals forming a community.   

 However, recent advances in genome science show just how intricate are the pieces with an additional mechanism of cooperation among the species.  Living organisms actually integrate their cellular communities by sharing their genes.  Until recently it was thought that genes are passed on only to the progeny of an individual organism through reproduction.  As it turns out, genes are shared not only among the individual members of a species, but also among members of different species. 

Each individual cell contains a memory, a memory of an experience.  These experiences are shared among other cells and organisms, to enhance the total memory “learned” experiences, which by the way is not an accident, it is natures way of enhancing the survival of the organism.  By sharing these memories, they influence the survival of all organisms that make up the community. We as individuals are a community, a community of 50 trillion cells. 

 This message should be taken to the world, that each person that makes up the world, must also work in collective unison to share our learned experiences, caring sharing, and growing together,  thus ensuring the survival of our world.

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